graveyard book


A set concept for a dramatization of Neil Gaiman's The Graveyard Book. Using reflection, digital images are made to look like free standing objects on the stage, allowing the actors to interact with the digital scenery or disappear behind it. This creates the ghostly quality that is crucial for the characters in this story.


set design

This is a prototype and concept created as a part of a project at Kolding Design School about light and color.


The layered holograms can be used to create surroundings or to have digital "actors" on stage interacting with the real life actors.


The small scale prototype i made to test the layering and show that it is possible to make the clear plastic sheets appear opaque to create the illusion of actors turning invisible.


For this project i made a large scale test to prove that it could be done. Save for the piece of plastic, everything thing used for the large scale were supplies that are available at an ordinary office.


Prototypes testing layering, opacity and interactions. It is possible to layer the screens to create depth - and still actors or analogue set pieces can be on stage at the same time with out blocking the projection.


The perceived opacity depends on the light intensity of the screen relative to the surroundings. So, by turning down the light behind the black cardboard silhouette and displaying bright images to the screen in front it is possible to create the illusion of someone disappearing.

graveyard book